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These are a few of our favorite things

“I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do – the day after.” ― Oscar Wilde

last minuteIf you are sitting in front of your computer or tablet reading this you are  either  a) completely done with your holiday shopping or b) like a few of The Broads, haven’t started yet. For the latter, this post is for you; and for “a” types who are done.. well just maybe you forgot someone so you can keep reading too. We Broads went over some things on our lists and wish lists and figured we share. Some ideas are new, some are tried and true (psst.. click the underlined words to see a pic!)

  • For runners ,especially the  larger endowed ladies, in your life, a high impact  Natori sports bra.  These sports bras  come in actual sizes (up to DDD)  that are easy to get in and out of, do the job,  are hard to find and really appreciated.
  •  In keeping with fitness, a book by  Dee’s friend Vinnie Tortorich, “Fitness Confidential”,  a page turner and eye opener about both fitness and nutrition.
  • Great looking waterproof winter boots for sloshing around in winter for anyone on your list, or if they have the duck boots or rain boots already, maybe boot liners!
  •  Lewis and Clark eye masks for those late sleepers!
  •  Anything “Breaking Bad”, let’s be honest  some of your  friends are  probably still in mourning 
  •  For the dogs in your or your friend’s life “Chilly Dog” sweaters, warm and great designs (the “tattoo Mom” is a favorite)
  •  Google’s Chromecast streaming player  for the TV lovers in your life! For about $30 you will save them money on those cable bills with streaming, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Go and Google TV!
  • Ornaments are beautiful memories we bring out once a year, Li Bien makes beautiful memories to give out!
  •  A Harley Davidson Duffle  for the moto guy in your life and who doesn’t have one of those!?
  •  Minecraft Legos are great for the kids.
  • Candles are always a nice last minute idea. This holiday collection of three wick candles is a perfect last minute gift!
  •  If you have a music buff on your list,  The Neo Collection is a volume of concert memories from the ’80, our most unique idea!
  • some toasty Mukluks to keep your feet warm!
  • Massages are a great idea and surprisingly you can find gift-cards for those on Amazon, just sure they in your area .
  • To keep  driver’s safe are, bluetooth headsets.
  •   Great earbuds , does the same job as the blue tooth headset, but does keep you wired to the phone. Or maybe just some fancy earbuds for someone special
  •  Also any bluetooth speaker system to blast the music, like the Pill by Beats by Dre or Jambox by Jawbone
  •   Golf accessories, like shirts, tees, covers.
  •  Got an expectant mom, maybe some trendy great maternity wear that she wouldn’t treat herself too,  or especially pretty lingerie.
  • Jewelry, all and any kind, from fancy real jewels to fun costume jewelry.

When all else fails, we noticed you can get almost any gift card you want on Amazon, aside from their own.  Everything from Starbucks, airlines, restaurants, grocery stores.. you name it, look it up on Amazon.  No going to the store, waiting in line adding money, once click does it and delivers  all kinds of gift cards to your door! We were really surprised at how many were available. So as that old saying goes “let your fingers do the walking” but in a whole new way!

Happy holidays from the 4 Broads!






  • Me, please make note, I have not started my Christmas shopping and consider myself among an elite few! But I am rehearsing possible lines from time to time that I will say to my 23 year old son when he arrives on Christmas Morn and I have nothing to hand him.
    Now I have to click the Lewis & Clark Eye Mask for myself.

    • There are a million ideas on Amazon!. So while your there tool around. The google chromecast is a great stocking stuffer for him! Be sure to click in through our site!

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