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I’m not that amused by commercials that make fun of old people –the woman saying “I’m posting these pictures on my wall” or playing Candy Crush with hard candy and a hammer– or the many YouTube videos that are so patronizing to old people dancing. Oh look at the old lady dancing in the nursing home. Isn’t that cute? Fuck you, video poster. 

                                                            My long time friend – Kathy O’Malley


It is well past the start of a new year for everyone, January was another birthday for me, and lent is upon many of you. The end of the old signaling the start of new year and we are likely hearing “a new year a new you!” Many of us resolve to make some changes that will be good for us.  It could be anything.  Many of us don’t get past a month before we have forgotten what we were so resolute about.  I no longer make resolutions because, well hell it’s like setting myself up for failure and because my follow through just sucks.  This year much to my regret, I  have  to resolve to remain relevant in a society that would prefer me to retreat to the background.

Many of you have grown into are exactly who you wanted to be; for some of us, life got in the way of our hopes and dreams. Maybe some just feel there is “more” to be done. Maybe some think, time has just passed us by and it is too late to do or be that “more”.  I like to think it is never too late for any of us to burst forth like a super nova. In my last few blogs, I addressed some of the challenges thrust upon us as we age, seemingly betrayed by our own bodies and minds, not to mention outsiders like designers, the beauty industry and media in general.   Things our mom’s didn’t warn us about. l have  tried to stay positive about the whole aging process, because let’s be honest what’s the alternative?  We can’t “anti age”  no matter how many times those words are shouted at us, really ladies and gents we can’t hit the “re-wind” button.  We can, however, reach inside and pull out the best us while blasting “If I could Turn Back Time” and perhaps remain “ageless and awesome”.

I started thinking about “re” words, resolution, rejuvenation, reinvent, recreate, reawaken, retro, reborn, renew reinvention, redo, regroup, revolutionageing_08fda140-6f35-11e5-8600-ad8872d9e6cf and decided that perhaps I should incorporate all of these into my new year.  A personal revelation!   These “re” words got me going.  I think I want  to re-examine the woman I am and maybe do some reawakening , rejuvenation and maybe even a little recreation of the girl/younger woman I was, and perhaps create a little “pro aging”, “ageless”  or “awesome” revolution of women along the way.  Many of us still have that Rebel Rebel in us just yearning to break free (for some of us to release her on the world once again) I want to  see our generation peel ourselves off the shelf  society has relegated us to and show everyone we are still relevant in  whatever form or fashion we choose to be.

Some might go on a spiritual reawakening and be all Audrey Hepburn; others might release her creative genius, writing books, movies or even your own blog; others still might opt for that whole exterior reinvention like a Cher or Madonna; some may have had an entrepreneurial dream; some may decide to reshape everything; yet still others might do little sassy rebellious things like painting our fingernails green,  recolor a part of our hair a hot new color or letting it go all gray, or trying dramatic lipstick to say “hey I am still here”. Others may rebound from a loss of some kind. The possibilities are limitless for each of us to reawaken, reveal our inner selves and remain relevant at this prime time in our lives.  I want each of us to be unafraid of this whole aging process, to readjust and reset our view to be “pro age” or “ageless” or better yet “awesome”.  To break the stereotypes.  In the coming months I intend to be more resourceful in this effort,  not only myself but for you as well. Researching as many things as I can that will enhance and help reshape our aging journey, not just for myself but as a resource for you our readers and followers.

This doesn’t mean we won’t have personal challenges ahead, each of us will, that also comes with age.  It is how we are going to handle them this year, hopefully together, that might be different.  A total resurgence  and rebounding of a generation of relevant and remarkable women in revolt.  Ok, now I am getting fired up..and  angry like my friend Kathy.

So I am going to break my rule and resolve to  putting the regrets and rear-view mirrors aside, and just revel in  the realization that it is never too late to be who I want to be and maybe I can break some mindsets along the way.

We all have regrets. But never regret not having done something..



  • DeeDee I’m with you all the way. I’ve always thought my brain was stuck at 40-something anyway…. SO – I DO have funky nail polish colors and I’ve taken watercolor lessons recently. I’ve always sewn, but now I’m learning real dress making, and I seriously study history, and that’s not even half of what I’ve got goin’ on. I’ve wondered though, am I restless? I can’t seem to get enough lately, but I love it. AND IT’S GOOD. I mean I’ve just discovered red lipstick….LOL. We live in a time where we can experiment, reinvent and recreate. It’s game on at this point in our lives. #nowaiting! xoxo

    • Thanks Deb. I hope you spread this message and blog to your local ladies and get them on board. I also hope you will share some photos of your dresses, your nails and your hot new lipstick!! In fact, I see a future for you with that dress making. I love love love that you are on board with the pro age movement! xoxo

  • Really enjoyed this one! Have been feeling the same way! I resolve to be a better me this year, do the things I have put off for years out of fear of failure or just loss of momentum. I love my life, but now I hope to enrich it with new friends, new travels and new projects. I want to wear purple, to dance in the moonlight with either the newest love of my life or one off my beloved grandchildren. I want my time on this earth to be worth something.

    • Thank you so much Mary! I hope you will keep me updated as you move forward and be sure to send me a picture of you in that purple whatever it is! Come back often, hopefully we will be of help along the way! Thanks for joining the “revolution” and now get some other broads to come along for the ride! xoxo D

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