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Please allow me to introduce myself I’m a man of weal…oh wait no I’m not! I am Dee Dee Lynch Silverstein, an Irish girl and converted Jew, who, as you will come to learn often has too many song lyrics banging around in my head.Bruce Springsteen

I am a divorced mother of two now grown daughters who are my world, once again, thank G-d, living in Chicago (having moved back from the burbs), who even though relocated,  still has no chance in hell of date, much less remarriage (“Boys Town” expanded to my hood).  I thought moving to the city would change all that!  Sorry I digress. I grew up backstage in Burlesque theaters until my parents divorced, when my mom moved me from sunny Miami to Virginia to Chicago where I grew up. Growing up as an “only” I think of my friends as my family of choice. Being an only is something I am sure you will hear more about in my blogs. I spend my days at an investment firm out the burbs.  In my past life, I spent a lot of years working in the music industry, at Jam Productions, which I am sure will come up in a lot of my blogs.Dee Dee

What else? Oh I am a huge, Bruce Springsteen fan, it is how some people know me. I miss Breaking Bad and True Blood But am obsessed with The Walking Dead; live an NSNG lifestyle; love fashion; and I love spending time with my good friends because when get together we are just plain crazy and totally at ease with each other to the point of ridiculousness sometimes as you will come to learn.

Hey what else we do now ? Except roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair
well the night’s busting open these two lanes will take us anywhere…  To read all my blogs click here

PS   When I said I was a Bruce Springsteen Fan perhaps I understated…

Bruce Springsteen and I Dancing on stage at the Rosemont Horizon, November 20, 1980. #The River Tour

Bruce Springsteen dancing with me  on stage at the Rosemont Horizon, November 20, 1980. #The River Tour

In honor of #therivertour2016 #glorydays #hungryheart #sherrydarling #Chicago #theboss can't wait until January 19 2016

I guess he liked the dance.  In honor of #therivertour2016 #glorydays #hungryheart #sherrydarling #Chicago #theboss #Dancing #BruceSpringsteen can’t wait until January 19 2016 Bruce Springsteen



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