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50 Shades of Gray

Little girls have always played dress up aspiring to look like their moms. Clomping around in hats, dresses too long, lipstick and high heels. As preteens, girls aspire to grow those parts, so they stuff bras, wear clothes that are too old for them, and try to look like they are 14 or 15. Then comes the fake ID phase where those 18 year olds, are trying their best to look 21. Once you hit 21 you stopped. Except now. Once again young women are apparently trying to emulate older women, and I do mean older in the weirdest trend yet, at least to me.


*courtesy of BlackHearts Hair House Instagram

Recently I was at Blackhearts Hair House. It is a shop that young women and men frequent for fabulous hair. The stylists who work there are equally young and slay in color and cut. When my stylist, Amanda, came up to get me (yes, this Broad goes there too!) I immediately noticed her hair was a silver/taupe color. It was beautiful. It was a color that my mother had once, in an accidental bleaching/toner incident, that had her in tears because it looked gray and she felt she looked so very old (she was probably in her early to mid 40’s at the time). But, here was this young girl flaunting it. My how times have changed, or have they? I was thinking Amanda’s hair color was so beautiful, that maybe I could…whoa hold it that would never fly. I am, well, actually older.. we don’t do that. Or do we?

Why is it that an older woman gone gray or silver is automatically looked at as “older”. Heaven forbid if her hair is long; the criticism from both women and men, associating long gray hair with looking like the wicked witch of the west. The rude comments and judgment on a woman over 50 who walks around with long gray hair is amazing, and I don’t mean in a good way (unless you are iconic Emmy Lou Harris, Judy Collins, etc.). Yet men, who go gray, are suddenly the most “interesting man in the world” or a “silver fox”! But a woman, especially one with long hair, is called …well I already went there. It seems that women with long hair in its natural state twists the way older women are seen. Most people only want to see that long hair on an older woman, in blonde, brunette, and or red. Then it is not only tolerable but even sexy. I am guessing this is how many women get caught up in the never ending, coloring cycle, because let’s face it, it’s never going back to your original color on its own. Thank you Revlon and L’Oreal. Longer hair in the right color no matter your age, makes it all ok. I pass no judgments here, only my Garnier Fructisse in Honey Butter. I am firmly entrenched in the “color” camp. In my own defense, for me it all started with “Summer Blonde” when I was 15. Old habits dye hard, pardon the pun. So much for the commentary on the long gray hair. Oddly, it appears most people seem to think really short hair on older women rocks. Oh and if it’s really short, spikey and gray.. you totally rock- and yes, you are really sexy – because of that ‘do. Younger women, have to work a little harder to be considered sexy with that boy cut. Ironic isn’t it. Again, men can do either and it’s totally ok, even sexy.

That’s not a gray hair dear …. that is your silver lining

                                                                                                             Pamela Price


imageSo what to do? To color or go au natural? As I said am in the color camp. My reason is habit, but really unless you have a beautiful thick head of hair, or strikingly strong facial features, it might not work, at least it wouldn’t for me (I strongly suspect mine would come out the color of mouse fur). But, for those wishing to embrace it, and I strongly encourage you to, you know, do as I say..not as I do. Naturally gray or white hair looks stunning as long as it is in fabulous condition and gorgeously cut whether into a long, mid-length or short style. Gray or white hair which is straggly, in poor condition and badly cut will definitely look more ‘witch’ and less ‘bewitching!’ Another thing to consider is, \ if you don’t have color on your head/hair you will need it on your face, or you might look totally washed out. So rock some new lips and cheeks and for heaven’s sake darken those brows! I have also noticed that ladies who rock the silver/white hair are terrific and colorful dressers as well.

I was wondering how you even go gray if you have been coloring, especially if your hair is longer. My friend Renee had short hair so the transition for her was pretty simple, and may I say she totally owns her new look! But for those longer locks I would think it would be a problem. Then I really thought about it. Why not go do what the young girls do? Have it done (Thanks young women for giving us our power back!)! Can you even imagine the look on the stylists face when you tell them you WANT to go gray!? But when I looked at those beautiful shades, my mind started to wander south of my navel and I wondered what the girls do about that..!? It wouldn’t match. oh right, now I know why all those waxing salons so conveniently located near the hair salons. Well ladies, at least we don’t have that problem if we go all “natural”. But that is a blog for another day.

This former model has great strong facial features to help pull off all that lush hair! Her make up is great as well!

This former model has great strong facial features to help pull off all that lush hair! Her make up is great as well!

Dascha Polanco. While Orange Is the New Black, Silver and White is the new Young apparently

Dascha Polanco. While Orange Is the New Black, Silver and White is the new Young apparently

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