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What happens with Grandma….stays with Grandma

As most of you know by my Facebook pictures, my son & daughter-in-law have recently blessed us with a grandson.

As all Grandmas, I think he is the most gorgeous little thing alive.  Well He Is!

The first couple days go by, after they left the hospital and my son is telling me how he & his exhausted wife aren’t getting any GaleBabysleep.  My reply wanted to be, “Well Duh”, but instead I sympathetically said, “Oh Really”. I asked if everything was alright with the baby and my son says, “Well yah, but he never wants to sleep in his crib. We’re constantly holding him. Even after he falls asleep, as soon as we put him down, he starts to cry”. Once again, sympathetically, I said, “Well it seems like you guys have a little problem. Seeing that I have a day off coming, how about I come over and I’ll take all the night feedings and you both can get a good nights sleep”.  WOW, I thought he was gonna come thru the phone and kiss me.

Well, the following day, after taking a long nap in the afternoon, I, as promised, went to their home and took over.  It seemed like the minute I walked in, the two of them escaped to their bedroom for some well needed sleep.

Having that precious little cargo in my arms, I spent a few hours playing with his fingers, then toes, then lots of kisses. Singing little songs to him and then just sitting  and staring at my beautiful little grandson.

By the time the second feeding came, and him not wanting to sleep in his crib, and as much as I love holding him, this grandma was getting tired also.  Here’s where the experience I have kicked in.

I decided to add more formula to the next bottle.  He took every bit of it. Probably would have taken more, but I didn’t want to push it.  Instead of him fussing every 2 hours, he slept a little over 4…..oh, and so did Grandma, because the little angel, with a full tummy, was sleeping in his crib.

Can’t wait for the next time…….I got a feeling, I might not be too bad at this.

Hey, shout out to all you Grandmas’ out there.  Grandpas’ too… Comment back to me and let me know some of your, “AH HAH” moments with your grandchildren……I might need a little help, now & then.


    • Can’t take the credit, Janet……Dee & Mary work their magic before we publish, but thanks so much for he compliment. I write, how I talk. So many times it just isn’t too professional, but hopefully our readers don’t hold that against me. Please stay tuned…….

  • I have a sign in my home that says “What happens at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s stays at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s”, and we live by that. His mom (my daughter) probably would not like that he snuggles with his Grammie during nap time (instead of in his crib).

    The love I have for that child is UNREAL <3

    Great read!

    • Snuggling is the best part. He can’t say, “I love you, Grammie”, yet, so I’m going for the snuggling also for now!
      Thanks for commenting & I hope you enjoy dishing with us.

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