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To Install or Not To Install…?

It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project…….Napoleon Hill

                                                                                                                                                      OK, Admit it….Installation fees are rip-offs. You know, the Installation fees from Appliance stores are totally outrageous, And they get away with it.

Last week my husband went out and purchased a new built-in, over the range, microwave.

Ours was slowly dying. By this, I mean, when you wanted a quick coffee heat up, it worked, but put a side dish in it, that was to be hot with the rest of your dinner, and it DIDN’T.  Very frustrating….OMG, to think, before microwaving, we actually had to time everything we prepared to have it all hot at the same time. OK, now I’m feeling old & getting off the subject.

Hey, wait, those two go together…….

OK, my husband tells me that he was able to get one just like the one we have and then, He told me when the guys will be out to install it. My first reaction was, “OK, if it’s the same kind, can’t WE install it?”

It’s then, that I get the “LOOK”.  You know ladies, the “LOOK” that can mean a few different reallythings like: 1.  I don’t know how to do it

2.  I don’t want to admit it, so I’ll pay them to do it.


3.  What do you mean, why can’t WE install it? You don’t have the intelligence to do anything like that, even with my help.

After 35 years of the “LOOK”, I’m walking away from this one.

Installation day comes and THREE guys come into the house, THREE…..Yah, I’m already eyerollthinking, REALLY”, 3 of you?  So I sat at the table, out of the way, watching and slowly fuming.

The microwave comes with all these directions & two friggin templates, for lining up the spots you need to re-screw in all the screws that Guy 1 has taken out, one slow screw at a time.

stoogesplumberGuys 2 and 3 hold the microwave as Guy 1 removes the last screw. Then they remove the microwave, placing it on the table and looking at it as if it were holy (I swear I thought they were going to kneel) before one of them could carry it out.  Then I was on the move.  I went over and lifted it off the table and handed it to him…..Yep, little ol me, lifting a microwave.  Yes, more fuming…..It’s then that I said, the first time, “I could have done that”.  All three of then smiled at me and said, “Yah, you probably could have”.

The Guy 1 holds up the template and WOW, all the spots match….”Well duh, they better. It’s the same microwave”!

Guys 2 and 3 hold the new one in place as Guy 1 re-screws in all the screws that I am handing him, one at a time and I’m not even one of the guys. Why was I doing that with all three of them standing there AND getting paid???

As he finishes with the last one, I said, “Now, I know I could have done that”. They all laughed as they left.

I bet you’re all thinking now…..

Did Gale tell her husband just how easy everything went and that they could have, or should I say, SHE COULD HAVE, done this all along and skipped the installation fee, that was just about the same amount as the oven? UGH!…

HELL NO.  I went shopping and bought myself something, just around the same amount…….

Is there a moral to this story?

Nah, I just wanted to shop.


Nah, Don’t get mad….Get…….in your car and go SHOPPING!



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