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Tango to your dentist……

The dreaded root canal, or not—–

I hate the thought of going to the dentist. I don’t hate my dentist, mind you. He is very sweet, funny, and a GREAT dentist and once I’m there I always can kick myself in the rear for not going sooner, But just needing his expertise gives me the chills.

A few weeks ago I started feeling this pain in a tooth, but thought it might just be there because I grind my teeth occasionally, when I sleep, and even though there isn’t DDS behitoothach[2]nd my name, I know it all…. Well last Thursday the pain started getting really bad and for some stupid reason, I took a piece of gum from one of my co-workers, bit down on the gum and thought I saw Jesus or peed myself, or both. Can’t remember! The side of my face was killing me. When I got home I called the Dentist’s office to find, I have perfect timing. My dentist has hours during the week, on every other Friday (This happens to be the other), and the third Saturday of each month. (It’s not that either), so I’m screwed till Monday. A friend of mine and my savior, who I will love forever, brought me some VICODIN to use. As the couple of days went by, the pain just got worse and worse, so I was taking the VICODIN regularly now. Worked great on the pain, but I didn’t want to, or should I say, “COULDN’T” get off the couch. I was never so happy to see Monday come and when I called the office, they were able to take me in right away.

When I got to the office I noticed an elderly gentleman sitting in a chair in the corner. I went to the desk to sign in and one of the two young girls working there said to me, “You’re going to have LIVE entertainment today. If it bothers you, we’ll ask him to stop.” I could hear some faint music coming from his way and said, “Don’t know what you mean, but don’t worry about a thing. Just get me in there as soon as you can, please….

As I went to sit down, the man glanced up at me and smiled. I smiled back and said hello.  He then said to me, “Gosh, I hope you’re not here to get your tooth pulled. It would be sucimagesCA0BFFRBh a shame to ruin that beautiful smile of yours”. I smiled and looked over at the girls and one of them winked.  OK, now I’m thinking, he’s just some nice old man that wants to talk, but still has a gift of the flirt in him. A few minutes go by and he looks over and asks if I know how to Tango. I replied, no, that even though I think it’s one of the most beautiful and romantic dances, I had never had the opportunity to learn. He then turns up his cassette player and some beautiful music starts playing. He gets up, walks over to me and reaches for my hand. I couldn’t help but reach out to him. It’s then that he asks if he could have the pleasure of the dance. I looked over at the girls and they were both standing there, wide-eyed. I was thrilled , but explained that I didn’t know how. He says, “that’s ok, just hold tight”, so I did. He was softly telling me forward, backward and pulled me close at one point that I could smell his Aqua Velva cologne. He even finished with a dip. I really didn’t want it to end, but the door opened and one of the girls was calling me inside, so we had to stop. I turned to him, thanked him and told him that he had made my day. I gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and then walked into the other room.

I was sitting in the dentist chair, waiting for the numbing shots to start kicking in, when I could hear the voice of an elderly woman at my door. I turned to see this frail small woman standing there with a cane. She took a step inside my room and said, “Excuse me, Hi, my name is Vera. I heard that you met my husband Lou. I just wanted to apologize. He sometimes gets carried away and as you can see, I can’t dance with him any more, so he just listens to the music that he loves and wherever we go, he tries to have others enjoy the music also. I always figure that if he doesn’t get arrested, it’s a good day”….. Well I stood up and walked over to her. I told her that not only did I love the music, but the dance as well. She got teary eyed and thanked me for being so nice to him and said, “Wow, You danced with him. I’ll never hear the end of this, but it’s the most action he’s gotten in a long time”. Through my tears, I managed to enjoy a laugh with her. She walked out and I returned to my chair, with tears running down my face. The dentist returned and thinking my tears were from my pain, was about to shoot me up some more when I had to stop him and told him that I just met Vera. He told me that this was the first time that her husband actually asked someone to dance. He just usually listens to his Tango music in the waiting room.  I can’t express just how wonderful that made me feel. I then said, “If I would have known how great I would have felt today, I would definitely come in more often…. I will, but want my appointments on the same days as Vera and her sweet husband Lou.

Oh yah, root canal done, and all is well. Now I’m going home to listen to some Tango music…

Thanks, Lou! >


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