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Spritz Burger & The Kit Kat Lounge meet the 4Broads

Recently I had a cartoon stuck in my head.  It was  “Grin and Bear it” comic  A “one boxer” as I used to call them, grown up comics, things I didn’t understand.  It was a black and white line drawing, the one the left were  children, holding hands, skipping under banners with year’s on them,  that were spaced long distances apart over rolling hills.  On the right side was a man’s head, which appeared to be spinning, with calendar sheets flying and years, lots of them, all jumbled around his head.  I can’t remember if there were words underneath,  if there were they were short and sweet.  I remember having to ask my mom what it meant, all she said was “you will get it one day, it is too hard to explain”.


As the holidays of 2014 roared in, they just as quickly have roared out, leaving not one head but 4 Broads heads just spinning.  But as we told you in the about us section of this blog when we get together crazy fun things happen.  And this holiday season we made the time slow a bit to just enjoy each other, and our trips out, and had some honest pee your pants moments.   During the holidays we gave ourselves permission to break the rules a bit, to step outside of our usual routine and add a little sparkle to our lives.

It was decided to meet at Dee’s new place, it hadn’t quite been broken it in yet and her daughter was away, so it seemed to work.  It was also the last weekend before Christmas, and still Haunukah.  We had no clue what we would do, so we decided to descend on some local businesses around Dees.  So we Tweeted and FB’d so they knew we’d be coming… and know they did.  The 4Broads would be visible! Something we hope more of you will consciously do!

Spritz Burger

We decided to do holiday dinner at a place called “Spritz Burger” (seriously that’s the name you can’t make this stuff up) on Broadway in Chicago.  The window imagesays it’s a “Gale Gand and HeartyBoys” venture (hello FoodNetwork fans).   Gale immediately liked this because Gale Gand spells her name the same as Gale spells hers!   Two of the Broads had been there before and really liked it.   We got there and they took great care of us.  Seated us right smack in the middle of the place.. us in the center of Spritz Burger’s world.. they had no clue what they were in for.  Our waitress, we’ll call her Stacy, well because that’s her name, or at least told us it was,  came over and offered cocktails.  Much to the surprise of two of the Broads, the other two balked… “uh no we weren’t having any cocktails” to which the other two said “what the “f” is wrong with you two, just because two of us don’t drink doesn’t mean you aren’t”! Stacy found this really funny and quickly offered up drink ideas… “ moonshine and rootbeer, you know we make our own soda’s here” and “a Gin Blossom” .  Peer pressure quickly kicked in and two of the broads were on their way to “Visably”  being imagetoast(ed); oohs and aahhhs” started as well as the “oh I like yours better, oh that is delish!” on and on a mutual cocktail admiration society of the Spritz Burger drink offerings.   Then it was time to concentrate on the dinner itself or at least the ordering of it (as cocktails kept getting  ordered and swapped back and forth).  One broad decided on “just appetizers”, another on the Patty Melt, another the Amish B&B, no bun, and the last “Justa Burger” (yes that is a real menu item).  Then it was decided we had not ordered enough and one broad ordered the Parmesan black fries for the table.. everyone sort of wrinkled their noses.. but agreed. I might add, the best fries ever fried.   Stacy, thought we were hilarious, and was very patient with our never ending comments and questions.  At some point it was discovered that you could actually do some holiday shopping while at Spritz Burger.  Gale Gand had most of her cookbooks on hand, as well as some sauces and other items.  Drunk shopping, during cocktails and dinner, this place had everything.  Now poor  Stacy was running cookbooks to the table.  What a gem she was.  At some point we realized there was an “Elf” in the house, it was perhaps when he was charged with delivering food items to our table.  At this point we were loud and boisterous and he looked a little fearful, as we began to comment on his festive attire.  Ok, cocktails kept coming, as did the food.  Let’s get to the food.   Fried Beets with goat cheese dip hit the table, two of us couldn’t contain our joy, while two couldn’t contain the fact they thought we were nuts to eat that.  Fried Cheese curds, no further words needed ( ok maybe.. hand breaded Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds with a roasted red pepper and artichoke dipping sauce).  Then the Black Pepper Parmesan fries hit, and it was a fight to the finish to get one, so much for wrinkled up noses.. these things were fricken amazing.   The rest of our dinners hit the table, and the OMG’s, ooohs and aaah’s didn’t stop they just got louder, then we started looking at what everyone else in the place had ordered making mental notes on what to have next time.

Yes Virginia (and Stacy) there is not only a Santa Claus, but a definite next time.  With dinner promptly polished off and plates so clean our Elf didn’t have to ask about to go boxes, we kept saying things like “omg this was so great; I am so stuffed; I can’t eat again for at least a week…” when Stacy reappeared and not only asked if they could take our picture for their FB page, but then said .. “Dessert ladies”? We quickly responded that we couldn’t possibly, to which she replied, “come on .. I mean Gale Gand is famous for her desserts.. she is a pastry chef”  Well twist our arms  a little Stacy.  We looked we couldn’t decide to which Stacy food guardian angel said “why not try the dessert trio sampler” so we quickly decided on Apple tart, chocolate cake and pumpkin spice cheese cake, which were all great.  Also on the plate were two scoops of ice cream.  One we quickly identified as a delightful cinnamon but the other, a white one, we had decided was out of this world but for the life of us, couldn’t figure out what the flavor was.  It didn’t stop us, we devoured it.  Then we asked the ever patient Stacy, to which she replied “Oh that’s our sour cream ice cream”.  Our jaws dropped because we each knew had we seen that on the menu.. well.. but damn if it wasn’t the best thing ever.  One Broad kept saying “thank goodness they don’t sell it by the quart..” Who knew? Not us, but we do now.  And if that wasn’t enough and sure the “f” should have been, St. Stacy brought us comp LimonCello’s.  Talk about toasted.. We left Spritz Burger (we know they were really sorry to see us go) singing “Happy Holidaze” quite loudly out on Broadway all the way to Dee’s, past the doorman and up the elevator.  Clearly no longer invisible ladies but bawdy visable Broads and the evening was young.. Oh before we move on here’s some really important stuff.. Spritz Burger gets a 4 out of 4Broads! (that means we highly recommend you haul ass there) In addition to having a  great menu they do really cool stuff too; like a great brunch.  They also do a special burger every month #collisionburger and February  it could be yours!  Really you could have a burger on their menu board in February, just click here for the details (scroll to the bottom) !! Seriously what more could you want? It’s located at 3819 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60613 | 773.868.9866 Check out everything about Spritz Burger  here, and be sure to tell them 4BroadsDish sent you! Oh not that we get anything out of it, its just us not being invisible!

Once back at Dee’s Farkle and silliness ensued  we won’t bore you with details just let you watch some videos… you’ll get the picture.  We still have brunch to go on this wild weekend. No words necessary

 Kit Kat Lounge and Supper Club

Well no holiday weekend is complete without a holiday brunch.  While the thought of brunch in our PJ’s was really tempting we opted to spend it at one of our favorite haunts with one of our favorite Diva’s.  Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club look out, we were coming for ya. Really, What would the holidays be without a little food and a little sparkle?  The Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club is a Female Impersonator Restaurant and Bar with female impersonators that perform past and present icons,  from Mae West to Tina Turner, Madonna, Cher and the likes.

We dressed to our daytime nine’s and off we went to the Kit Kat Lounge, where you not only can get a fabulous brunch for $$ but unlimited Mimosas or Bloody Marys’  and all the bling that the holiday season has to offer.

Our favorite Diva, Madame X, sang her little heart out and ripped off her imagetear away gowns to reveal little sparkly costumes beneath.  Madame X never fails to put on a great show.  No matter how often we go, and trust me it is one of our favorite places on a Sunday, not only for the great food but to catch Madame X, who  is always spot on with new tunes and costumes added frequently.  She is so sweet and cordial, has a memory that won’t quit, and she tries to speak with every table and is always willing to take a photo with your party.

The “Divalicous Brunch” at the Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club is very well presented.  From The Caesar Salad to the Steak Skillet and the Madam X Burger with their caramelized onion strings, “so sweet”, to die for; to Rueben our very easy on the eyes, waiter.  Who we might add, we ran ragged,  but who knows how to keep secretly filling those unlimited glasses, while killing you softly with his song, oops, his eyes.  Want a touch of Mexican, try the Huevos Rancheros.

Those are just a few of the items on the Sunday Brunch menu but make no mistake all week long the food is outstanding.  The Marlon Brando Steak Meal, the Mae West Chicken and waffles dinner to the Yoko Ono which is a salmon filet.  All the food is delish and all the entertainers are sassy good and the nicest wait staff around.  We happen to love Madame X who can be seen there every Sunday.

The owners Edward Gisiger and Ramesh Ariyannayakam are very present, charming and inviting hosts.  They have etched out a wonderful spot here on Halsted Street.  With great entertainment, food and spirits (did we mention over 200 kinds of Martini’s..and that cute waiter Rueben, just sayn’). We keep reminding Edward that we are famous and I must say he is learning that we mean it.

The Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club, is not to be missed whether it be a special occasion or you make it your “Cheers” as we have (obviously a 4 out of 4Broads rating).  It is located at 3700 N. Halsted Street in Chicago.  Reservations are always a good idea, just because they are, 773.525.1111.  Of course tell them the 4BroadsDish sent you, not that you need that because they will take the best care of you whether you know us or not! It’s just us making sure Edward knows we are famous.


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