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Spring Fever or Just a Hot Flash…

If scientists ever find a cure for menopause, our big problem will suddenly become global cooling.
-Anonymous (for obvious reasons!) joke about menopause


Frau mit HitzewallungI’m not sure that what I have today can be called “spring fever” because it could also be hormonal. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. Most men wouldn’t understand this but any woman over 50 would probably know what I’m talking about.

It’s pretty cold outside, tomorrow they are expecting snow…again… but I have my fan on in my

My mind is all about spring and I can’t imagine why considering how nasty it is across the whole country. I can’t shake this weird “spring” thing that is going on with me today.

I just bought some new winter boots because it is only February and I know there is more snow in my future. They were also a really great deal, but there is that little part of me that is feeling that feeling of April in the city. That little kid feeling you used to get. Remember that?

I’m not complaining, just venting but still, I don’t know what brought this on.

I can almost feel that warmer wind and smell that scent of earth in the air. You know the scent I mean. Earthy, new and full of promise. You can even smell the little buds on the trees and bushes. It makes you giddy. A little like falling in love for the first time.

My grandson is taking swimming lessons now. Maybe that is the thing that sprouted the spring feeling. I am thinking about taking them to the lake this summer.

When we were kids, because we grew up on the lakefront, the beach was a place we went even in the winter. A very strange and beautiful place; all covered in snow and ice and a little danger to add to the thrill. I have many great memories of those days. Some, if my mom knew, would have landed me in solitary for weeks.

We never really dressed for the cold weather, being way too cool for gloves, hats and even to zip the coat. I remember walking around outside in my mini skirt with frozen thighs but looking really cute. At least that’s what I thought.

SpringFlashI am loving the spring feeling I am having today even though spring is at least two more months away. I just felt like blogging to the 4broads. If I could bottle this, I could make some real cash. Lucky thing it is free to all. Also, I think I am past the hot flashes so I’m hoping this is the real thing. Ah spring, come and get me.



Irish Blessing

Like the warmth of the sun
And the light of the day,
May the luck of the Irish
shine bright on your way.


  • Love the blogs Girls,thinking about going to Senn in those short skirts,eekk now looking at myself l know lm old,l dress like a crossing guard!What were those kind of knitted hats with the chin stap called,wore those,matching mittens and a kind of workshirt type coat,all to the horror of my Mom,trying to get me to wear her shoeboots.keep up the laughs Ladies!!

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