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Sex, Drugs and Books (not rock n roll)

OK, so today I bought a new book.  I go through several per month.  Usually I like serial killer, detective books but every now and then I like one with a little gratuitous sex, just because I do. I find this authorSandra Brown.  Now Sandra’s books are little mystery books with sex.  Not just a little sex for flavor, forgive the pun, but some really graphic, mouthwatering, get in the bedroom now sex.  I figured that I could get through a few of these and move on to some other author for a while. Well, not true.  I have purchased eight of her books in the last month and a half.  I read the reviews and some of the reviewers don’t like the graphic nature of her books but to tell the truth, that’s why I buy them.  Her stories are predictable with pretty much the same content.  A hero and a heroine.  Usually the female has some money, to her credit, and the man is usually this far from a loser but he has everything else in the package.  Then after much adversity, they end up in the sac and she is remorseful, he wants no ties but in the end they fall in love.  Go figure.  Last night I was reading this and a thought came to me, which was the inspiration for this particular blog.  Why are there two drugs for men to allow them to get more out of sex, and NONE, zero, nada, for women?  Men have Andro Gel to make them frisky and Viagra to allow them to get it up. Where is my drug?  Where are the drugs for women of my age who have lost every hormone that was ever produced naturally in their bodies? Another thing my mother didn’t tell me.  Maybe she didn’t know either. Where is the body manual to get us through our later years with grace? Maybe some of us should get together and write one.  Oh wait, that’s what this is for.


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