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RHOBH The Party’s Over

Housewives_of_Beverly_Hills_Cast_(2014)The Party’s Over, and we can’t say a moment too soon. This was the most boring finale ever.   Ok, well maybe not ever, but damn close.  We are going to try to wrap it up quickly because it is our guess that resolutions if they are to happen, which we bet not, will happen on the fiery reunion.

The show opens with Kim and Kyle making breakfast in the desert home.   They are just putzing around the kitchen acting as if there was no fight the night before.  Kyle goes on to explain how this is the family dynamic, do not speak of the bad things in life.  Just carry on. This is just how it’s done.

Eileen and Harry are removing their girls’ swingset and Harry comes out with champagne.  We do not understand this.  Being city girls that had no swing sets of their own, this seems a bit much but because this last episode was a little slow in action, we assume they had to fill it up with something.

The Ladies meet at Nicky Hilton’s book signing because…..oh, who knows.  It’s what they do. Kyle’s mother in law brings the Prince of Denmark and Camille he finds Camille like a seeking missile.  It was supposed to be a set-up of sorts because there were actually two people at the event that wanted to fix up Camille and the Prince.  It sounds like a Disney movie.

Kyle, Lisa V and Camille talk about Palm Springs…yet again.

Then they all hit a party thrown by Adrienne Maloof.  Of course Adrienne’s event is a lavish decadent affair with a half-naked wait staff and people swinging from the ceiling. Just exactly the kind of thing you would expect in Beverly Hills.  Sometimes we think that the scale of their events leaves them nowhere to go for the next one but they still seem to pull off the same kind of show, event after event.

Brandi talks about her dad’s medical issues.  She is also very upset that Lisa V has not called her to ask about her father.  At this point, Brandi looks to be very drunk and has the mouth runs.  Lisa V tries to explain that she thought it would have been weird and hypocritical to call after all that went down in Amsterdam.  As usual, Brandi doesn’t get it and argues the point. We don’t understand why Lisa V doesn’t just walk away and leave Brandi alone.   Instead, Brandi turns her back and walks away.  Where does she get nerve like that???  As she leaves she says, “I’m not a hypocrite, I’m just an asshole”. That is the understatement of the season.

Now Kim confronts Lisa R and asks about the “she said, she said” thing again. We can’t get enough of that game of telephone. Eileen tells Lisa R that she should simply tell the truth.  At this stage in the show, what would be the point in that?  Truth?  What??? Lisa R just avoids everything making this a very awkward scene.

Our lovely Dedra, shows up with Camille, who chats with Mauricio’s mother and The Prince of Denmark again.  He plants a fat wet one right on Camille’s lips.  A high point of the episode.

Lisa R tries to regroup and explain to Kim that  intervention was in fact what Brandi said,  to which Kim says “I don’t want to hear a word you have to say now..” surprise surprise.  Kim then goes to Brandi and asks, and Brandi of course lies and say’s she’s never used the word intervention.  All good until Lisa R joins in and explains that anything Brandi said was from a “good place”, exit Brandi, caught being a hypocrite.  Seriously this whole last three or four episodes has been a bad game of telephone.  Thank goodness it’s over.

Kim and Kyle still don’t talk, Brandi is still Kim’s BFF, Yolanda’s hair looked great, Camille maybe got a Prince and Adrienne got to do a magic act.     And as Porky Pig said so eloquently .. “tttthat’s all folks”

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