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Hello, my name is Renee

I am of Greek decent, born and raised in Chicago, I eventually moved to Los Angeles (15years), where I married my now ex-husband Ovid Stevens, a musician! I myself ended up in the music business, stories from that journey will definitely make its way into my blogs.

After 15 years in La La Land, I found my way back home, to Chicago, where I met the love of my life Otto and we have been together ever since, 23 years now. I have two step daughters Ingrid and Emily and one handsome grandson, Otto, named after his grandfather. I am fortunate enough to still have my mom 84 years young, my very talented sister Chris and two beautiful nieces Ashley and Amber, not to mention tons of cousins, aunts, and uncles.

I am fortunate enough to have three wonderful friends. Mary who I have been friends with for over 50 years, Dee Dee and Gale, thus making us now the 4Broads Dishing. We have laughed and cried together through the years, and make no mistake, there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for eachother. Each of us is very different, funny, whitty, serious and informative.

Our friendships and closeness throughout these years has brought us to blogging because we have some very interesting and some very funny stories to tell. These stories all come from our life experiences, from our upbringing or relationships and our times together. There is nothing we won’t talk about and we hope you will chime in, whether it be to hear your own stories in ours or just to share your stories with us. In some of our blogs I am sure you will laugh, in some you may realize that you have very similar experiences and you’ll realize your not alone in life’s journey.

Enjoy our stories and please make sure to post your thoughts and opinions to us, we want to hear from you!

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