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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Welcome to Amsterdam?

S5 E15.  First of all let us start this week off with a big congrats to Yolanda for breaking the “Game episode” curse for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Well done. We knew if anyone could, it would be you.  And this episode is about all the good that can come when you put good out there.

As Yolanda sets up the Beverly Hills Race and Treasure Hunt, the ladies start arriving and it looks like imageeveryone is surprised to see Camille.  It has been a while and it is great to see her.  A true original Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.  We’ve missed you.

We admit, we’re a bit worried about this whole “dream” team thing.  The leaders are Kyle, Yolanda andimage Eileen.  Then comes the fun part.  Their names are drawn out of a baggie, in random order, and guess who gets Brandi? You had to know that was coming. Kyle looks as if she is about to have a stroke because, like the rest of us, she is sure that fate will step in and put Brandi on her team.  Fate is sometimes very funny (or the producers are).

So it is:

Team Kyle, Brandi & Camille

Team Eileen, Kim and Eileen’s friend Lynn

Team Yolanda, LVP and LR (ultimately ending up our favorite team)

Eileen makes a reference to “working together” with finger quotes. Is there anything more sarcastic than finger quotes?  She knows that isn’t going to happen but we think her team is okay as long as nobody pisses off Kim.  She as of late seems to always be too sensitive.

They run around town picking up tips and clues.  The team that arrives first is not necessarily the winning team unless they have no penalties. Which, well you know these ladies, is just bound to happen.  Kyle wants to give up and go to lunch and LVP wants to go shopping.  So much for another fun game.

At the ice cream shop, they must drink a milkshake to find the next clue and in order not to put her mouth where Brandi has been, Kyle opts to drink the entire milkshake.  She says something about not knowing where Brandi’s mouth has been.  Can you blame her?

LVP is so funny. Yolanda wanted vanilla and was not happy that she was overruled by the majority who wanted chocolate. “Who doesn’t like a chocolate shake? Take one for the team”  LVP says. As they are running down the street, Yolanda says to LVP, “you love me” and LVP says “no, I don’t”.  Yolanda says, “I thought you would grow to love me”.  That almost never happens.

Yolanda’s team hijacks the Hollywood Tour Bus to win the race but only after LVP tries unsuccessfully to hitch a ride on the back of some guy’s bike. It looked a little like humping but I can’t imagine LVP humping in public…or can I?image

Kyle and Eileen’s teams arrive about the same time but because of the penalties, Eileen’s team wins and Kyle is second.

Yolanda and the hitchers lose anyway. It doesn’t pay to cheat ladies, although I don’t think they really care, because after the race/treasure hunt, Yolanda surprises the ladies with a trip to Amsterdam, to see her mom and country. And if that’s not enough and in BH it apparently just isn’t, they get to fly to Canada for a huge charity event thrown by David Foster, on the way to Amsterdam. They all have something to say about going on this trip. Brandi is worried that Kim will not know how to behave with all that pot around her, but when LVP said that she has been known to smoke a joint or two and once found herself spread eagle on a pool table while laughing her knickers off, well, we almost missed the next ten minutes.  imageWe think that was the best laugh we have ever had while watching this show.  But Brandi’s imitation of LVP taking a toke can’t go unmentioned, it almost won us over. It was spot on as the British say. These were pee your pants moments, the end of good times and everyone being all warm and fuzzy for the time being.

Yolanda talks to her mom and tells her that she is bringing all of the ladies for a visit. Her mother seems very excited to hear this news. You have to ask yourself, has she never watched this show?

They meet at the airport to board this beautiful little private plane that Yolanda has chartered. Brandi, surprisingly, is afraid to fly but powers on. Once inside the plane, Kim remembers a not so nice little tidbit of imagenews that Brandi shared with her about Lisa R thinking that there should be an intervention and then Kim is off again on a rant about everyone minding their own business. And at thisimage moment, we have to be reminded that Brandi had that same talk behind Kim’s back last week, on the beach with Jennifer Gimenez, but left that part out. So it is Under the bus with you, Lisa R. Why can’t Kim just wait for a more opportune time to bring this shit up? take her aside and give her “what for”. Why would you want to create another embarrassing situation for yourself when everyone already thinks you are one domino away from the big collapse? Obviously because if you don’t want someone to look to close at your shit, you have to do what any addict does, and turn the tables and make everyone else look like the bad guy. And all this in front of BabyFace and his wife no less. While Lisa R apologizes to Kim, telling her that she gets the message imageloud and clear, Kyle watches in abject horror while everyone does what they always do. Nothing. Kudos to LR AGAIN. She once more finds herself in this awkward situation with Kim, always because of Brandi, and she handles herself with dignity, grace and character. Love her.

The ladies get all decked out for David’s event. Yolanda , Lisa R and Kyle ride together to the venue and talk. Of course Kim comes up and Lisa R talks about Harry’s brothers, she goes on to reveal that Harry Hamlin himself has battled alcoholism until he was scared straight three years ago, when he buried his brother. His brother who died imagefrom addiction related complications. Well, well. Let’s stop here and pause for just a moment and take that in. This just puts a whole new light on the battles Lisa R herself has faced, living with an alcoholic. She is not “judging” or “preaching” as Brandi and Kim would have everyone think, she has walked in Kyle’s shoes, she has lived it, and is trying to pay forward what she knows. Hats off to you Lisa R, because you know, it works if you work it.

imageThe David Foster Foundation fundraiser turns out spectacular and shows what a real good a celebrity can do. David Fosters Foundation  in collaboration with transplant teams across  Canada to provide support for children up to and including their 18th birthday year once they are listed for pediatric transplant to post-operative checkup. The event raised over 8.2 million dollars with celebrities like BabyFace and Steven Tyler headlining.  Even the Housewives of Beverly Hills admit, it sort of imageput their soirees to shame.  Once again it shows the ladies can come together, drama free when it’s for a good cause. Bravo ladies and we do mean Bravo, for taking a lead from one classy Broad, Yolanda Foster.

So as this week’s story ends, on the same high note it began with, they give the big tease and show you what is coming up next week.  We almost can’t wait for this one.  LR has a meltdown and starts throwing things, and we have a suspicion that Kim or Brandi is going to bring up Harry’s sobriety and if they do, we can tell you, we will be right there having Lisa Rinnas back. We aren’t sure but it sorta sounds like someone might be gunning for Harry. Not sure what that means but this will be interesting. Even she has a breaking point and we will see what that is…next week.  I hope she has better aim than Brandi once the shit hits the fan. Stay tuned…..





  • Thank you for the recap. LVP always makes me laugh! She knows how to have a good time. Kim is a nightmare and I am sick of being exposed to her addiction, and her drunk bff too.

    • Glad you liked it. Keep coming back. We are always a few days late on these, but we don’t get paid to do this. We just do it because we want to!

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