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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Sister Act Recap

We are still at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  “my gays” mixer and the leftovers of the Kim, Kyle and Brandi train wreck. So here we are gapers at the wreckage of the hit and run that the DUI team of Kim and Brandi left in their dust. Kyle crying at the scene to the Lisas’, and screaming at Lisa Vanderpump “it’s not about you!!!” This is when Lisa Vanderpump says “now you know how I felt last year”, then Kyle shooting back says “I was the one who tried to warn you!”. But true to her classy form, LVP hugs her in the midst of her rant, just like a mother or a great friend would do. A wow moment for sure but we are glad Kyle is at least mad.   But let’s recall, and say it.. LVP is right, Brandi went off on her and Ken for no real visible reason, other than to keep herself viable by doing what she does which is to stir up shit. Wasn’t it Kyle at the end of last season, who befriended and egged Brandi on a bit about LVP? There is a reason Lisa’s new line is throw me to the wolves…. And Kyle would be wise to stop flip flopping around. Remember Kyle and Kim going totally off on Brandi at some Game night a few seasons ago, then a season later embracing her, egging her on, now bam one of you is stung and it burns. And Kim, apparently in her fog, has no recollection of Brandi’s bad behavior at all and is under her spell. Brandi is like a real Svengali apparently. As soon as Kim serves her purpose, which we think is to put a wedge between the sisters, she will be off and into someone else’s relationship, leaving poor Kim wondering what happened. That would be the best thing for her.

Now Brandi, has a podcast “unfiltered”. That’s all well and good because we are all for a single mom doing what it takes. But when she compares herself to Chelsea Handler, well, nice try, you are no Chelsea Handler. You are a well-paid reality star. Chelsea is a writer and stand-up comedian whose dirty mouth is part of her schtick. Big difference.

But back to the pod cast scene where they cut to the “journal cam” and Brandi says “Mom always said as long as they are talking about you its ok. It’s when they stop you have to worry”.  Brandi in order to remain relevant in the world, has to be continually talked about, so she creates the drama to keep the tongues a waggin’. Let’s face it, if she wasn’t lucky enough to be married and dumped by the guy who married Leanne Rimes, she would be a third rate model or whatever her career was before all of that happened to her. Then further on in the episode (at Yolanda’s yoga fest) decry’s those who talk badly about her. Sorry Brandi you can’t have it both ways.   If you are going to go unfiltered, be prepared to have people talk badly and stop with the boo hoo shit. If you aren’t really the bad girl, then stop acting like it. If you want to be a debutante, close your dirty mouth.


..did you really just insult me and my daughter?

So Kyle, don’t feel badly because Brandi got to do yoga at Yolanda’s because guess what? Brandi smacked her too! Not physically, but verbally “you know they call you daughter an alcoholic right”?! She says that everyone is saying it but we watch every episode and never heard anyone say this. 17 year old kids participate in all forms of bad behavior but one drinking incident does not make you an alcoholic. And this after Yolanda tries to tell Brandi to dial back her drinking a notch because she is a mean drunk and folks talk. Boo Hoo. Brandi saying things like “they should see me when I am sober, when I am with the kids”, boo hoo “they only see me at a party; I am a grown up and I am allowed to drink and fuck is only a word”. All valid points but don’t cry foul when everyone talks badly about your behavior. We don’t think anyone, least of all Yolanda, thinks Brandi is an alcoholic.  She is now, just poor cheated on Brandi, who keeps people talking with all that drinking and bad behavior, in order to keep the $$  rolling in. She is no dummy so watch out Yolanda, she might be gunning for you, now that she has sucked you in. She can say it wasn’t a personal attack on you all she wants, but all of us viewers saw it for exactly what it was. Brandi being Brandi

Can we exit the Brandi/Kim/Kyle train wreck for just a moment?

How about the sweetest son ever? Max who came with his results of his paternity and wanted to be with the only “mum” he has ever known, LVP, when he learns from whence he came? Not a dry eye among us during the much needed respite from the drama of the “fight”. It showed what a truly lovely parenting job LVP and Ken have done with those kids. Kudos LVP for a job well done. We still want to see where this goes or if Max is truly pleased with how his life has turned out.



The sh*t train has just rolled back into the station.  We have decided we are getting in the Eileen Davidson dining car cause it’s, well, a bit classier and we like it. It turns out Eileen has four sisters, two of whom have died in the last five years (one within the last 4 months) and she thinks that sisters should always love each other even if they don’t always get along, so she invites the Richards girls to lunch to remind them that we never know how much time we have with someone, so cut the bull sh*t and get along, bitches. This would normally seem like a great idea, but normal is just not a Real Housewives theme, ever, in any city.   And since Kim and Kyle know how the Real Housewives camera rolls, screaming and crying and bickering ensues. Poor Eileen, who really had the right idea sits in seeming bewilderment, in a WTF just happened moment. That might even be her natural state when dealing with these ladies. Like we said, her dining car.. kinda classy. Nice try Eileen, we really mean that.

lisa rinna

She calls Bull Sh*t when she sees it


Lisa R was just great, using the word “addict” we don’t know how many times along with the “e” word and egads, the “I” word!. She knows addicts, she’s dealt with addicts and if that’s not enough and it should be, she calls them when she sees them. Well Lisa, we have been down this track with Kim before, and while we are convinced she is one, we are pretty sure she has relapsed, and we are more than pleased to have someone other than us viewers, try calmly and straightforwardly point this out to the ladies. They all know there would be no show without this drama. While Kim may not have fallen completely off the track, it’s pretty obvious she is a really bad dry drunk. Which anyone who has dealt with an addict knows all too well. Kudos Lisa R for calling bullsh*t on everyone involved.  In her sit down with Brandi, I wish she would have called bullsh*t on her. Brandi sitting there acting like she has no clue how to help Kim (this is assuming she even want’s too), is total bullsh*t, we seem to recall one of Brand’s closest friends is Jennifer Gimenez.  For those of you who don’t know who she is (you will know her the second you see her) she is in fact a recovering substance addict who was a major sober player in Dr. Drew’s “Sober House”.  I think Brandi has all the resources she needs to help Kim, if she really wanted to.

Please let us be clear. We love, love, love the ladies,  and are doing this for no compensation of any kind, just because we want to, and we will continue watching until it fizzles out, but we have some very strong opinions about some of the behavior we are witnessing. Enough said, to be continued.

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