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There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

Bernard Williams

Meet Rory

Meet Rory

There is a new member in my home, Rory, the Mal-Shi. What an energetic little bundle of squirmy, cuddly love. There is no end to this 4 pound ball of energy until he simply passes out from exhaustion.

A friend from work purchased this beautiful little guy and after about 10 days or so, discovered that he just didn’t have time for the puppy and his busy schedule so Rory came to me.

I brought him home without telling my husband because I knew the reaction I would get. We have two Labs and have bred Labs since 1994. One of our boys has a date with destiny when his girlfriend is ready, maybe in September and my husband wanted to keep one. He was not ready for this little doll. He had a meltdown of biblical proportions when I brought Rory into the house and set his carrier on the kitchen table. He told me he was not going to help with anything, nothing. In ten minutes he walked into the house with the cage, set it up and grunted at me “you should clean out the tray” and left for parts unknown.

After the initial fallout Chuck was able to pet him and he found a way to be less hostile while still calling him the little terrorist, interloper or a**hole. Now he calls him the baby or Rory.

My husband is an animal lover and I knew that given a little time he would love this puppy and I was right. He’s helping him master the stairs. Going up, it looks like someone shot him out of a cannon. Going down however, he cries on each stair but he makes it. So Sweet. The stairs are too steep and after picking up some momentum on the first three, he just falls down the last six steps. They are carpeted and it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Really….

What a little doll. Now when I leave for work in the morning, my husband brings him down stairs and lets him play with the big dogs instead of keeping him caged all day, which is what I thought (or hoped) would happen.

It really is like raising another baby. He poops and pees all over and in front of us without hesitation even though I use pads and a spray that was guaranteed to attract him to the pad. So much for that. It isn’t entirely his fault. Since he was born, he has been in four places. The breeder’s, the shop, the professor’s house, my friend’s daughter Sam’s house while I went to NY for 5 days for a wedding already planned, and now back home. (Love you Sami) He needs a little continuity in his tiny baby life.

We are having our first real social outing on Saturday and a sleepover with one of the 4broads. I went to the pet store yesterday and bought him a new rolling carrier with a telescopic handle. Very fancy and I have officially turned into Paris Hilton. I wish I had her money because that little leopard carrier set me back a few bucks. I tried to find a black one so it wouldn’t look so girly but the only one they had was leopard. He will have to live with it.

Once this potty training is over, my house will be full of happy squeaks and barks of joy. He sounds like a squeaky toy and my labs don’t seem to even know what he is.

I know that given time and love, this little man will bring us much joy. Thank you puppy boy, for being my new buddy. Mommy loves you.


A dog owns nothing, yet is seldom dissatisfied. Irish Proverb



  • Oh Mary,You are too funny ,he is a doll,and if you need a babysitter lm ready!I have always had big dogs and never thought of myself as a little dog person,until I adopted Wee Gordy.They steal your heart.He was not a puppy,but that sad little face on line,he had been returned because he had a hip surgery,seeing we both had the same hip scar,it was fate!Looking forward to the adventures of Rory!

  • Love the puppy story, little Rory is indeed a charmer! It’s so nice to have a baby in the house 🙂 UhOh! I wasn’t talking about Chuck!!! He’s a good daddy…. LOL

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