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Politically Correct or Die Trying?


Being Politically Correct means always having to say you’re sorry:  Charles Osgood

I am reminded of how great my women friends are every day.  They are strong, kind, insightful, wise and sometimes… not that nice.  We don’t always agree but I am lucky to have them.

We try to be nice, considerate and careful with each other’s feelings but sometimes we miss the mark.

Is it always important to a friendship to be nice?  Can a true friendship stand the test of time when one or Women Victorian in Pondmore of the people involved are sometimes bitchy and uncaring?  Yes, I believe it can and I believe that is what makes it a stronger and better friendship.  You forgive me and I forgive you. Kind of like being married.

Maybe an off day means that you really don’t care about anybody’s feeling but your own?  OK, so be it.

In this climate of politically aware and politically correct gun shy people, it seems that you can no longer say what you think because someone might be offended.  Even if it is the truth, we must hold on to ourselves and let our feelings and thoughts out gently or risk upsetting someone.  It is exhausting.

13148279-back-view-of-group-beautiful-women-pointing-at-wall-girls-team-girl-friends-looks-into-the-distance-When I was younger, I had fewer girlfriends.  I think because I didn’t have a sister, I was unfamiliar with the care and feeding of girls that age, although I was one myself.  I had an older brother and I was the youngest.  A completely different dynamic.

I am by nature blunt, sometimes sharp tongued, maybe a little bit too much to the point but this works for me as well because it makes me unique in the world of women.  Women are usually more subtle and gentle than I, something that I have been able to learn and apply over the years.  I am also quick to forgive. A good trait in and of itself.

We all know men (and women) who have seemingly no filter.  I myself am married to one of them.  I am amazed every day at some of the things that come out of his mouth.  I have said to him on many occasions, I cannot believe he would think to say something so insensitive to a person he says he loves. People without can-stock-photo_csp13383186filters really don’t understand what the big deal is about saying whatever you want, whenever and wherever you happen to be.  He is still doing it so I slowly came to the conclusion that there will be no changing.  It is just who he is.  Not that I let him off the hook.  We will be at this until one of us dies or explodes into a million pieces.

My friends, on the other hand are awesome women.  They are nurturing, caring, and really good secret keepers, totally without judgment.  At least that is how it appears.  Who knows what they really think.

I love them, appreciate them and cherish them because without them, I would just be me, alone with my thoughts and a husband with no filter.

How and why these wonderful women came into my life is a mystery.  Were they born to be my friends?  Were we set on this path together by some great and powerful spirit and we had no choice?  Merely followers in life?

Who knows and who cares.  I love and need them and I am grateful that they are here to keep me sane when things are off.

They know who they are.  Bless you all and thanks for putting up with me.  Just remember…I know things.


 An Irish Blessing:

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me, and just be my friend.




  • Once again, Mary, you have outdone yourself, with this one. You are truely blessed, not only to have such a way with words, but to have such great friends, (US,ha ha). The broads are lucky having such a great friend in you as well. We all love you and are greatful for you in our lives. OK, I’m gettin a kleenex. sniff… sniff…
    There is an expression, “you may have many aquaintances, but if you can count TRUE friends on one hand, you are truely lucky.” We broads ARE so lucky…….

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