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Green Funky Rookie Nails and More!

Hello 4Broads faithful followers.

We are excited to announce a new feature on our home page.  We are going to begin to add outside bloggers to our HOME PAGE.  Of course only blogs we love and feel worthy of, not only our time, but yours as well!  If you scroll down on the 4Broads  HOME PAGE you will see a feature called Blogs We Love.

The Hometown Rookie by noted author, Elaine Soloway

Elaine Soloway “She was sitting in the armchair, her legs stretched out on the footstool.”Hi, Mom,” I said, as I closed the door behind me.”  ……… “My deceased mother visits me often. I hoped I’d be able to get away with the event, which was just a few hours earlier and had focused on my life and my mothering style”..

You will love Elaine’s musings and find something to identify with most reads.  Her past series of “Rookie” blogs are great – The Rookie Caregiver, The Rookie Widow and the Rookie Transplant.  Elaine has also authored  the memoir, “Green Nails and Other Acts of Rebellion: Life After Loss,” published Sept. 2014 as well as “The Division Street Princess,” and the e-novel, “She’s Not The Type.”  Elaine is a local gal we are sure you will love.

Chunky And Funky Maddie

chunky and funkyOur other featured blogger is Maddie Silverstein’s fashion blog.  “Spreading that fashion and lifestyle gospel for all those chunky and funky”.  While she is very young, we feel her blogging and fashion style will surely inspire Broads of all ages.


We of course will continue to post our own musings, content and new features, but if we come across something we love… we are bringing it you, via our HOME PAGE!  So be sure to subscribe and book mark us! Just put your email in the little box to your right!


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