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Menopause..funny or not, here I come

I had the funniest talk this morning with Dee. Mostly funny because it was before 7am. The broads have talked several times about what happens to a vagina once your hormones decide to take a permanent hike. It’s not pretty but if you don’t know it can happen, it is a HUGE shock. This falls under the heading of “stuff that would be good to know ahead of time”.

Before I continue, I wanted to tell you that Dee had the same thought for her blog so instead of ditching one or both, we figured you could read both and come away with what you will. Dee is not sure if she has this condition but I know I do and I am taking medication to help the vagina return to its youthful beauty and purpose.

So, to continue, she was at her doctor’s office early for whatever. I didn’t ask. She saw a book on Menopause. Not really funny either but I guess it is a very funny book. Although menopause can be hilarious because you are hot and cold sometimes in the same 60 seconds, you go from sweetie pie to bitch faster that the hot flashes go from hot to cold, you gain weight, your libido takes a big hit and if you have a partner, he wants to know what in hell is going on and you should really get it over with already. Oh and he wants to know why the fan has to be on in the winter even though you are covered in blankets. If I could explain this I could make a fortune.

After some funny menopause talk, Dee’s doctor told her there is a bracelet out like the “Live-strong” things you see people wearing, just for Vaginal Atrophy.

Vaginal Atrophy??? What could that be?

Vaginal Atrophy is interesting. Not really scary but really hard to live with.

See, the walls of your vagina become atrophied, hard and stiff. While that might sound like a fun thing in any other context, it is not. It hurts like hell. And it seems to happen overnight. One night you’re having sex and having fun and a week later you are yelling, “stop, stop, what the hell are you doing to me”.
So the doctor tells me that I should use these little hormone suppositories. Not a big deal, I can reach all the parts ok. They seem to work well. Time will tell.
Meantime, stay tuned. I may have to consult Dee to find out about what her Dr. says about the lady pond and what that secret drug is called that changes everything………


Irish Proverb:

A woman can beat the devil.


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  • No men-o-pause is not funny. Vaginal atrophy? Sounds like something a soldier gets, no disrespect…Veteran’s Day and all… But atrophy sounds like you broke it and it’s not coming back.
    My solution, and it works in 9 days is Script from your doctor. Trip to pharmacist. One a day, I was repaired so to speak in 9 days. Take a pill every single day and you again will have use of your lady parts.
    Spread the word, Spread the legs.
    That simple.

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