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Klye Richards, Brandi Glanville Fight Recap


So we are trying something new on 4broadsdish.  We all love Bravo TV especially the Real Housewives franchise, so we thought it would be fun to re-cap and comment on the show each week.  We would really love to comment on all of them but we actually have a full time jobs and our time does not allow for that.

So, without further ado, here is the story as we see it.

In the 2 last episodes, the ladies planned a party at Eileen Davidson’s house. The ladies were going to learn to play poker from Eileen’s husband, Vince Van Patten (yes he is the son of Dick Van Patten for those of you about to Google).  Vince is also the commentator for the World of Poker Tour, so if it were the 4Broads, we’d be paying serious attention.  Apparently the RHOBH don’t think like us.

On the ride over, Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna shared a car.  Kim was off the wall and started acting very creepy, picking a fight with Lisa R.  Lisa R was very confused.  If one of us had been in that car, we’re pretty sure we might have pushed her out of the speeding vehicle.  Kudos to Lisa Rinna for keeping her cool.

At the party, Brandi Glanville, true to form, started hurling insults as soon as she got there.  Saying to her hostess, “wow your house reminds of American Horror Story”.  Really Brandi who the F does that?  We can only guess this must mean that she drinks prior to the party like we did when we were kids so that you have a nice buzz upon entering.  So the ladies are lucky it was only insults and words that got hurled.

At the poker table, Brandi and Kim sat next to each other and the bickering started.  Brandi and Kim kind of ganged up on Kim’s sister Kyle Richards and Kyle got up and went into the bathroom to calm down a bit. Kim got up to go and talk to her but in her state, it was a very stupid (the word stupid was a running theme in this whole insult lobbing thing) thing to do.  After some tears and words, Kim decided to leave the party and Brandi followed her out the door (inebriated birds of a feather).

Near the front door, Kyle caught up with them and asked to speak to Kim alone and Brandi was putting herself between them, standing in for  Kim’s pit bull.  Kyle was pissed and shoved Brandi out of the way.  Then it appears that Brandi got a jewelry scratch.  Oh my, what do you expect, wearing those giant museum pieces that they all favor?  Kim was so confused.  Cowering and behaving as though none of this was due to her pill popping.  Brandi and Kim got into a little fist-a-cuffs and then the shit really hit the fan outside.  Shoving, yelling and name calling.  Girly stuff at its best.   Vince was watching, stunned through his garage door windows!! Thought no one saw ya, huh Vince!? Finally with everyone outside, after all kinds of drama, Kyle got into a car and Kim and Brandi decided to leave in a separate  car together.  Lisa R went with Kyle.  It was a terrible scene and Kyle was completely without words on the ride home.   Seriously what is there to say at this point?

Kyle got a call the next morning that Kim was in the hospital for pain, most likely something to do with her back and that was why she was so loopy.  She was taking pain meds and that is never a good thing for her since she is still in recovery for substance abuse.  Kyle went to the hospital to see her and brought Yolanda along. Blah blah blah. Poor Kim.  Poor Kyle.  Poor Yolanda, who has actual health problems, being dragged there.

Mary: It amazes us that Brandi is still invited to these things.  I can hear Dee now, telling me that it is only a show, and I understand that she is a paid cast member and that really, without her in the mix, things would probably be a little ho hum, which doesn’t result in good ratings. Got it! all of that makes sense to me BUT, they could actually keep her on the show and everyone could just stop inviting her to events.  She might go into rehab if she sees her friends all dropping away.  I would think the producers of the show would want to offer her some kind of help.  After all, is it always about the ratings and the money?  Her rehab could actually be woven into the story line.  When should they step in and care about the person and not cater to the bottom line dollar? Oh wait that would be a whole other show, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew…sorry Andy Cohen.. What the F were we thinking!

Another thing I keep thinking about.  Brandi isn’t allowed to have her children on the show because her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian,  doesn’t want them on it.  My feeling is, these kids may not watch this show now because they are young and their friends are young too but someday they will see it, their friends and their friend’s parents will see it.  Does she really want to be known as the pig she is when she is like that?  Even on her podcast, she cannot maintain any level of class (hellooo Brandi, do you not watch RHONY?? The Countess LuAnn did a whole song on this money and class thing!).  Always dropping the F-bomb.

Coming from 4Broads who love to drop the F-bomb, this might sound surprising but coupled with her erratic, appalling and very low class ( Money can’t buy it for you!) behavior, I would think she would be ashamed of herself, but that’s just me.  The F-bomb itself isn’t the problem.  It is her “mean girl” mentality.  She actually tells people that she is not a mean girl but her behavior belies that idea.  Maybe when she drinks, she really doesn’t understand that.

Follow us every week if you want updates on the Housewives.  New York, you are next on the chopping block.

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