Happy Feet


“There’s a sucker born every minute” David Hannum

Today I learned of another product brought to us by the Japanese.  I remember trying the weird product seen on T.V. that stuck Smiling toes  on white backgroundto the bottom of your feet and was supposed to draw out all of the impurities in your body.  What a scam.  I called and asked for my money back but all they agreed to do was send me more of the product.  I threw them away.  Anyway, this product is called Baby Feet.  The idea is to remove callouses with fruit acid.  I did a little Google search for the product and I saw a few videos and still pictures of some really gross peeling feet.  I was intrigued.  I have, in the past, been drawn in by ads that promise things that you really don’t believe, but what you hope will be a miracle beauty product.  There is one born every day.  I have not tried this product yet and at $25.00 I can’t decide if I am trying it or not.  It’s not a terribly large amount to pay for something that works but then again it is a terribly high price for another scam.  I am on the fence.

This is how it works.

Inside the box are two gel filled booties.  The gel is a mystery other than to say that it contains fruit acids.  OK.  You slip on the booties and wait an hour or two, depending on who you listen to.  I will have to read the directions.  You can read, watch T.V., talk on the phone or do a number of things while sitting down.  Walking around is not recommended because the gel makes you slip around in your booties.  (It would be just like me to break a hip while trying to be beautiful)  Then you wash the gel off and wait.  Apparently nothing happens for at least two days and then you begin to peal like an iguana. It peals the tops, sides and bottoms but at footsoakdifferent rates because of the thickness of the skin.  They recommend not going on a date until all of the skin is off, around 10 days, due to the funkiness of your feet.  No chance of a date for me so I guess I can do anything I want.

So, my question is, how badly do I want to try this?  Whenever I try something new, my son wants me to comment on Yelp.  Being an avid Yelper, he thinks it’s a good idea to tell others about every single experience you have.  He’s so cute.

It’s a dilemma because I don’t want to be duped again but I saw the pictures and read the reviews and I kind of believe it.  Even videos are out there.  If I try it I will blog about it, good or bad.  I think I need help deciding.  Any suggestions???

Wish me luck.


Your feet will bring you to where your heart is. –Irish Proverb



  • I say just treat yourself to a pedi every 4 to 6 weeks and let some-one else do the work! That way you know for sure your feet will look and feel terrific!

  • There is nothing worse than a broad wearing a beautiful, scrappy, sexy sandal with cracked, worn calloused heels. I sure hope this works because it appears spring, summer and strappy sandal season is going to show up and we want to put our best foot forward! Thanks Mar, and keep us posed!

  • Can you use it more than once? When I get a pedicure they put callous remover on and I sit with it for 10 min then they go with a brush and remove the rough skin.Its $5.00 extra for this remover.But I love to hear if your Baby Feet works.

  • Well, they sell gel booties at Bed Bath and Beyind and those are about $25. I put on foot lotion and wear the gel booties at night when I’m playing on my phone before bed and it really makes a difference. So even if the fruit potion doesn’t work at least the gel booties will and it won’t be a total loss (as long as you can use them more than once).

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