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Halloween Memories

Another Halloween come and gone…..

Being 60+ years old, I’ve seen many.galebw

When I was just a young trick-or-treater I remember my mom, who was fantastic at face makeup, painting my face up to go with any costume I wore. My friends would  ask her to do their faces, as well. She loved everything about Halloween and would many times, dress up along with us. She would always make it SO much fun.

That’s probably where I get my love of the holiday.

My early years in Grammar school I remember being allowed to attend school in costume and at some time during the day, the staff would let us all parade around the building, so our families could come and take pictures. (Any of you “Stoner’s”, (Stone Grade School that is)  out there should remember that as well).

Besides trick or treating door to door, in our neighborhood, many of us would visit the stores along Devon Avenue for goodies. I remember coming home with my pillow case filled completely. Oh yah, we never had to check our candy, back then either. No crazies out to get us. Well at least where we went, that is.

In my teens, I remember going to parties and having a few of my own. For some reason, one party stands out, where my dad helped out with a game prep. He attached apples, hanging from strings to our laundry line in the basement. one of the games we played was, “Bite the Apple”. A boy and girl stood face to face at each apple with their hands behind their backs and they would have to try to take a bite from the apple, while it dangled back & forth. It really turned out to be fun. Some kisses even started that way. Don’t know if Dad ever realized that part.

If no parties to go to, then my girlfriends and I were off to trick or treating, hoping we didn’t, or in my case, couldn’t wait to, run into the boys in the neighborhood. We got clobbered with eggs and shaving cream attacks. Us girls got smart and started carrying our own shaving cream and always fought back, but in so many instances, we lost, and I would return home with my hair stuck to my head and clothes completely covered and smelling like the cheapest shaving cream. It became a ritual to undress inside the back door and right off to a shower.

Those were the days of just PLAIN FUN…..

As the years passed and I became 21, Halloween night was a night of craziness at the bars. WOW, what imaginations we all had. Everyone went all  out to win prizes offered at many watering holes. Some of my past costumes included a Beatnik, a Leopard(costume my mom made by hand), Pair of Dice(paired up with girlfriend), and French Maid. After I  met my husband, I actually convinced him to join me dressing as a Bunny Rabbit. If any of you know Don, you know that took some talking into. We looked so damm good, long eye lashes and all. Maybe some of that convincing was made easier by promises of after party activities……Well, we were engaged!

By the time I had children I had so many ideas for them. Some they liked & some we even argued over. I definitely took over where my mom left off. My mom and I took a lot of pride in making costumes and of course face painting, but not so sure the kids always thought it was so great. One year I did up my son’s face and when he got home he didn’t have any of the makeup on. He told me that he thought he looked “Dumb”…Oh well.

I regained my “Coolness” a few years later, when I dressed up as a Mummy(another fantastic one of my moms’ hand made costumes). I sat in a chair on our front porch with a large bowl of candy in my lap and a sign which read, “TAKE TWO”. I would try to hold my breath as much as possible as the kids came up to take their candy….some were really scared  because it looked so real. There were a number of them that wouldn’t come up without their parents. At one point a few boys were coming up the driveway and I noticed one of them as our neighborhood bully. As he walked up, I heard him say to the others, “I’m taking a lot more. Ain’t no one gonna know”, and as he reached for a whole handful I moved my hand, swatted his and said in a low voice. “But I Will”. As the boy ran away he peed himself and the two other boys started laughing so hard, I thought that they were going to do the same. Wonder if that kid grew up to hate Mummy’s. All I know is he wasn’t such a bully after that.

This past Halloween I got to experience such a pleasure. My son and daughter in law came over with my grandson Zander. He was dressed as an owl and he looked so adorable.

What great memories and hopefully many more to come….I still have 3 large trash bags, filled with costumes, that are stored in my basement and ready to use next year…

Hope you enjoyed reliving some of my Halloween memories. Sure would love to hear some of yours. Just subscribe and join in.  Can’t wait to read them.




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