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Grandma’s Eyes


                We should all have one person who knows how to bless us despite the evidence, Grandmother was that person to me. ~Phyllis Theroux

Every grandmother hopes to SEE her grandchildren get married and have children. My grandmother may she RIP was a beautiful woman inside and out, she was able to SEE her grandchildren get married and as fortunate as she was to have great grandchildren, she saw them as babies, but lost her sight and couldn’t really see them as they grew. My mother is 84 and she was diagnosed with macular degeneration in her early 70’s. She started to lose sight in one eye and now, thank God she can see people up close but from a small distance faces are a blur. She describes it by saying she can’t see full faces, let alone full bodies. At times she gets embarrassed because people she knows, unless they are up close, she can’t tell who they are and it appears to others as though she is being rude or ignoring them, when in fact she can’t see who they are. Luckily, mom gets eye injections every 6 weeks, so that it is keeping her from losing sight even further. She is thankful for that.

When my oldest niece got married 4 years ago, mom was able to SEE her walk down the aisle, in her beautiful gown. Now with my youngest niece getting married in March it is not so, she will see her beauty up close, but while walking down the aisle, her full figure will be a bit blurry.

A few weeks ago my niece asked my mother and I to go to the bridal shop to see the dress she chose. As we were waiting for her to get the dress on I could tell my mom was a little anxious. My niece did her hair that day and makeup to get the full effect as she tried her dress on for the second time. As she came out and stood on the platform, she looked so beautiful. I could see my mother squinting and she proceeded to tell my niece that dress was beautiful, that she looked beautiful.

Here comes the tear jerker, my niece says to her grandmother “Yiayia (that is Greek for grandmother), can you SEE the dress? “ It was important to her that her grandmother could SEE her in the dress. My mom got up off the chair and got right up to her, real close and touched the dress bringing it close to her and then says “you look so beautiful”. Well there wasn’t a dry eye , not from my sister or me, not from the woman who sold the dress and certainly not my niece and my mother.

This was a beautiful moment and restored my faith that there is nothing like the love of a grandmother and her grandchild. That we take our sight for granted. You can remember things and how they look as your losing sight, but once you do times like this are heartbreaking. On a day to day basis her blurred vision is no big thing now days, but to SEE her grandbaby in that dress was so important.

Of course on the big day we will make sure mom is close to the aisle, and she will have a vision of her walking down the aisle in that dress and that beautiful moment they shared at the dress shop.

You do not always need eyes to SEE the beautiful things. You just need an open heart and loving eyes. What could say “Grandmother” better than that? Losing your sight isn’t the worst thing, as long as you don’t lose your sight of life.

 “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller


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