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Beauty is ageless. Beauty is real. Beauty is you.

Be You”

-Dedra Whitt Dakota

We are so pleased to do our first review!  We are reviewing  dedra™ beauty makeup!  Many of you may recognize Dedra  (DD)  from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer’s makeup artist and BFF.  Dedra has been a Hollywood makeup artist for over 18 years and has come out with her own line,  dedra™beauty which she describes as “multi functional, no brush required, on the go makeup” she also believes in “accentuating the positive features, not masking” a woman’s features.  Well we are going to see if all that’s true.  No makeup artists, stylists or photographers here! Just 4 Broads from Chicago and an iPhone!

The 4 Broads Dish were sent , what we like to refer to as a “care” package..  well because at this age we need all the help we can get .. lets be real.  It consisted of:

  • IMG_4636all 3 colors of her Tinted Moisturizer w/ SPF 30 
  • all 5 colors of her Foundation
  •  Eye Lip and Cheek color palette
  •  a smudge stick (smoke)
  • two lip glosses (chic and Fuschia).

Additional products we used for our “make over” were,  Lorac Beige Eye Shadow; Laura Mercier color corrector kit for under eye issues; our own mascara’s and lip pencils.

We used her make up video (see below) for “older girls” and followed what she did .   We also had only two of the actual 4Broads, and 2 Broadettes (younger girls, do not stop reading here, she has you covered too click here to skip to the Broadettes review!).   What seemed great, is the products seemed well , universal.. knowing no age barriers.

 Dee Dee — For years I had make up collections..

You know, different “collections” for different looks.  There was my day look, my day to evening look, my going to the club look, my no make up look, my going to the store look.. I think you get the drift.  Until recently  I had a collection of  “will anything work make up”.  You know that basket, bag, drawer with every known make up product purchased and tossed aside because it just doesn’t work – anymore.   Over the past several years I have tried, Bare Essentials.  That worked for oh a few years.  Once I started really looking into the magnifying  mirror (yes you need to get one) I quickly realized it really was just settling into all those newly acquired lines that one gets post 50.  So toss aside.  Foundations seemed to be the biggest problem.  So I moved to baked, mousse,  and liquids.  Everything from Laura Geller to Armani.  Nothing was working.  They were either sitting on my skin or sinking into my skin.  I tried the tinted moisturizer route, again everything from the $8 dollar Aveno to the $50 Caudalie and Revisions.  In this case because of the SPF factor most were like paste or sludge sitting on the face (except the Caudalie but it had no spf).   Don’t even start me on blushes and eye shadows..  All that has changed thanks to Dedra Witt Dakota and her line.

  • Tinted moisturizer in Light.  It goes on beautifully and is not in the least bit heavy or cakey and does not have that “slick” feel.  It blends and evens skin tone almost instantly.  You don’t need a lot and could almost just go on out with that one, especially if you are a no makeup girl. Oh wait, it actually moisturizes!  Having used it now for a length of time I have noticed some real differences in my skin, which is not only dry but sensitive as well.  I was having an issue with a little chafing around the nose, and some dry skin bumps above my jaw line.  Both have cleared up since I started using Dedra Tinted Moisturizer.  My skin just feels overall “smoother” .   An added benefit, it has SPF 30!  Love this product.  Beauty tip: if for some reason it doesn’t seem like enough moisture for you, simply mix a little of your regular moisturizer with it!
  • Foundation. Since I like a little more coverage for my long work days, I used  Dedra Foundation Stick in Medium Light.  Don’t let the term stick, fool you.  I had used Bobbi Brown’s stick foundation without much success, so I was apprehensive.  Dedra Foundation, glides on like silk and has a wonderfully creamy texture.  You don’t need very much at all, just enough to perhaps even out some skin tone.  You could, if you want, use it as a “concealer”.   I just dab it where I need it and blend it in lightly with my fingers.   It does not, settle in lines, or lay heavy on your skin, it just seems to blend in and stays put giving you a wonderfully even skin tone.  I think for summer I will go to medium, in both the moisturizer and the foundation.  One of her tips is – that as we get older, we should go a shade darker , as lighter shows lines and shadows more.   Both products seem to last a bit longer than I am used too, perhaps because you don’t need as much to begin with, both are long lasting and give a flawless finish.  ***** stars!  (each is $32 compared to Bobbi Brown Stick foundation $44  and $44 spf 15 tinted moisturizer)
  • Eyes, Lips and Cheek Palette. This item is a winner!!  I don’t know about you, but blush has been my nemesis for a while now.  Baked and powder, look like chalk.  Bronzer types have way too much shimmer and sheen and forget trying to get the colors right, or have them stay on.  Dedra Eye, Lip and Cheek Palette to the rescue.  Three creamy, yet long lasting colors that can be worn alone or mixed together.  I simply love this product.  You use so very little it may last you for months!  I use it mostly for  cheeks, but do use it on occasion as a lip color.  I use the “aura” on my brow bone to highlight as well as on a cheek bone in the evening.   The colors are Blossom, Embrace and Aura.  It comes in a nice metal case for portability and comes with eye and lip brushes (not that you need them).  As with all Dedra products no blush brush is necessary, just those finger tips! Oh,  also you can buy just the refill colors you need.  ***** Stars  (three colors for $47 compared to Clinque one color at $21)
  • Smudge Stick – Smoke.  This was used differently by each of us.   These pencils can be used as a liner, or for you younger ladies as a shadow or even heavier as a “smokey eye”.  It went on smooth and easy.  For me the color was a bit light, and I just have a problem keeping my hands on a sharpener.  I think her  Baroque would be a better color for me for lining.  But I have to say, over all.. very nice product but I am personally am sticking with my Bobby Brown gel liner..  ($17.00, three colors).
  • Lip Gloss –  This is a funny story, Dedra sent us Chic and Fuchsia.  If you look at the pictures, you can clearly see Fuchsia  looks dark and intimidating.  We all used the Chic, and it was really nice.  We liked the feel, and the fact that for a gloss it seem to actually stay on.  As we were cleaning up, some one said “shouldn’t we at least try the Fuchsia?” and that was met with an “Ok what the heck!”  each of us was a bit nervous to try it, but enough mimosa’s had been downed by then.  Well wasn’t this the sleeper of the entire collection!? It looked totally different, and absolutely beautiful on each of us! So natural, yet so complimentary that we were floored.  Three have  already been ordered, needless to say another winner from Dedra.  My only wish is that it had no sparkles, because as older broads.. sparkle well.. we have out grown it.

All in all this broad is totally hooked on Dedra’s makeup, I also use her mascara which we did not test.  I am happy to report that my drawer is down to a minimum of product.  Her make up tips have really helped me toss even more and look much better with less.  This broad gives Dedra a big huge thank you  for thinking of us “older girls” and not being afraid to make us up! And a double thumbs up!! Be sure to read all the way through, Dedra has a gift for our readers!  and now Along Comes Mary….

 Mary — Another fun girls day which resulted in actually finding some makeup I can live with.

Dee wanted  us to try some makeup produced by Dedra, a Hollywood makeup artist she had been following. Two of the 4 Broads were unavailable to come to my house that day so Dee brought her two lovely girls, The Broadettes as we call them, and we had a little makeup session.

We also had mimosas but don’t let that color the review for you.  We were not drunk.  Just a little tipsy and having fun.

Dedra sent  samples chosen for our age group and asked us to watch a video by Dedra, outlining how to apply this particular makeup.  I thought it was kind of funny to follow a video but I was really surprised by the results and have been putting the makeup on that way ever since.

Dee laid all of the samples on the table and with clean faces we took before pictures (to my dismay) and dug in to the pile.

None of you know this but I am a makeup junkie.  The problem with my kind of junkie-ism is that I am never happy with what I buy and as a result, I had a large gallon bag of lipstick (almost all the same color) and another of eye shadows and foundation powders.  I handed them off to the Broadetts because they seemed very excited to see the big bags of stuff I wasn’t using.  Yay!  One drawer cleaned out.  Another plus is travel.  I can travel with a smaller makeup bag because Dedre is almost an all in one kind of makeup.  I’ll let you know after my New York trip, coming up soon.

So we started.  Mindful of the video, I applied the medium tinted moisturizer, never used that before.  Then the foundation, medium for me, which to me was more like a concealer.  Loved it.  That will be my first Dedra purchase.  Then we experimented with the lip gloss.  Lip gloss has never been one of my favorite things.  Too slick and it doesn’t stay on long enough.  This lip gloss, Fuchsia, looked different on all of us.  It was actually slightly different than it looked in the tube as well.  I like very pale colors on my face so this was a huge surprise.  In the tube it looked quite pink but the effect was very subtle when applied.  Fascinating stuff, this makeup line.

Now on to the eye liner, Smudge Sticks.  It was brought to my attention that maybe as we age, we should change our makeup technique.  I never thought about that much because I never really used much on my face.  I know what you’re thinking.  Two gallon bags of extra makeup and she doesn’t wear much?  I just don’t find what I like and it goes in the bag.  Dee gave me an eye pencil, the color was Smoke.  It was silver color when I put it on.  Very light and subtle but it definitely made a difference.  I love this color, especially during the day.  It was very smooth going on.  No tugging and as a result of the texture, as a result of the smooth texture I would guess.   I was able to get it on with very little effort.  If you knew me you would know I don’t do well with eyeliner on the top lids.

Now my personal favorite, the Eyes, Lips and Cheeks Palette.  What a GREAT product!  Even better, it comes in a magnetized case so you can just purchase the color you use the most.  I tried the same color for both cheeks and lips and it is fabulous.  I looked very together, like I actually planned it.  I am about to make my first purchase because, like it or not, the samples don’t last forever. (sigh)

I have to say that I believe this blush will last me for a very long time because you only need a dot on your cheek.  It goes a very long way and has a beautiful, natural look. It made me look dewy.  Yes, I said dewy, at 61.  Hard to believe.

Dedra, a GREAT BIG THANKS for letting us sample your products and for the special gift of 20% off to our followers!  I have sensitive skin and this is working out very well for me, especially since I am just getting over a weird allergic reaction on my eyelids from who knows what?   Dedra, maybe someday we will meet in person.

Deda Whitt Dakota

Deda Whitt Dakota

Dedra Whitt says…

Ok, so heres the thing…you don’t need all that makeup…no matter what you’ve been lead to believe.  You are beautiful just as you are.  Believe in yourself.  I know that sounds weird coming from the creator of a makeup line but it makes sense when you know what my line represents.  My makeup isn’t designed to mask your appearance it’s there to support you in looking like YOU, but on a very good day.  My products require no thought because they are versatile, meaning placement is individual.  They can be used anywhere on your face where you want to pop your favorite feature or maybe minimize the appearance of another.  The choice is yours.  My only request is that you honor your individual beauty and Be. You.

After years of hearing woeful tales from clients about money wasted on products they didn’t use, or know how to use, Dedra Whitt decided the time had come.  You deserve to feel good about yourself and your appearance, without spending a lot of time or money. You deserve to feel beautiful without tons of different products. All you really need are products that enhance your beauty not mask it. It is simple; when you change the way you think about beauty, you become empowered! And so the dedra beauty line is now available!  Beautiful, superior quality, versatile products that can be used at home or on the go. No matter your age, skin type or experience, you will enjoy, and look your very best with dedra beauty.

Click here to order your dedra beauty and be sure to enter the promo code 4broadsdish in the “coupons” field under your total to receive 20% off on your first order !! Again thank you Dedra!!

 ** 4BroadsDish were not paid for this review and receive nothing in exchange other than the samples!

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  • I confess to owning three different brands of tinted moisturizers, enough eye shadow to share with a small village, and more magic creams than I care to count. I have at least three lip gloss tubes and as many lipsticks in my purse at any given moment, not counting the spare in the car. None of this will stop me from succumbing to the temptation of a new line of magic potion. I’m going to have to get me one of those palettes to try! The line sounds like its easy to use, and portable. And reasonably priced.

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