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The little book in my glove compartment, that I never look at……

galebwI have owned my car for a little over 1 year now and still have not read the owner’s manual.  Come on ladies out there. I know I have company. You can feel free to agree with me and make me feel a whole lot better, here.  I’m waiting for your responses!

My first experience with feeling stupid,  when it came to my car, happened on a sisterhood weekend at Mary’s, in Wisconsin. The 4 of us are driving in Mary’s new car and she has the option on her car that she can receive a phone call thru her car….OK, now I’m thinking this is “Cool Beans”, and I want this too.  The girls all tell me that with my 2013 car, I have it.  Now I’m pissed at myself, because I haven’t been using it. The girls are gonna set it up for me when we get home and as soon as we pull in my driveway, after the bathroom stops we all made, they get in my car and are looking all over for the bazingkus to set up my answering system…………WELL, I don’t have one! I never had one installed. If  I would have read the manual, I would have known that.

Hmmm.. what do those lights and buttons do?

Hmmm.. what do those lights and buttons do?

This past Monday night I start the car up and this cute little light goes on my dash.  I had NO idea what it meant and if it was urgent or not. It looks like a horseshoe with an “!” in it. It was too late to go to the dealer, and I was late for BINGO, (another series of stories to follow), so I decided I’d go in the morning. I know, I could have asked my husband about it, but I really didn’t want to hear, “Why don’t you read your manual?” again! Ladies, I know you can relate.  Well, I drive to the dealer’s service area, park, and go in. Mind you, I didn’t have an appointment, so I’m going with the, “Poor little me” mode, and see what happens.  I walked up to the service counter, where 2 guys are standing. One guy turns and asks me if he can help me with something. I told him that I was out shopping and when I got in my car this funny light came on. I’m scared to drive it, not knowing what it is, was close by and was wondering if they could take a look. The guy told me to pull in and looked inside and said, ” Don’t worry mam,(yes, he was young & very polite). You just need some air in your tires. I’m like, “OH, is that all…..good thing it’s nothing worse. I would have had to call my husband.” He took care of it and then pulled out the manual and showed me all the other funny little pictures, that hopefully will never light up.  I said my “thank you”   and went on my way. Hubby is none the wiser,…..Manual is back in the glove compartment and I’m just hoping & praying I never get a flat, because there’s another manual just for that!!!!!  oy


  • Don’t want to make you feel bad, but I have fixed minor things on my cars. Lots of flats. I once stopped to helped two girls change a flat, who were clueless.
    I clean for a very wise old woman. She tells me as mothers, it’s important it to teach our sons how to cook and clean. They shouldn’t grow up having Moms do it for them and later depend on a woman to take care these needs.
    It’s the same for our girls. They should be taught how to change a tire, check your oil, light the furnace, change a fuse.
    A few summers ago I tackled a project on my deck. A walkway connecting the two decks. Never built anything before. Had a hand saw and an electric drill. Turned out kinda sloppy, but I’m proud of it. Something about power tools makes you feel kinda bad ass!
    It’s never too late to learn how to be handy.

    • Debbie, I’m usually pretty good at things, but I’m one of those, that if you show me one time, I’ve got it, but read the manual….no way. Ain’t gonna happen.
      You sound like a tough cookie. I think that’s great and The walkway probably looks just fine. The satisfaction of saying “you did it”, is worth it, right. Thanks for the comment. Stay tuned.

  • Gale, I can so relate. Have had my car for 12 years and never looked at the Manuel, can’t even find it. A light keeps coming on in my car, the mechanic said it’s the coolent, he looks at it, it’s full. He proceeds to tell me he thinks it’s the system (like computer) that is just confused, HUH? My car has a computer?

    • Renee, after I finally looked at the page with all the pictures, I just got more confused. Me and cars just don’t mix. Never did. Don’t know makes or models. When I was a security officer, I dreaded making out the report of a drive away. I could only state the color. My supervisor would always tell me to ask someone nearby, what kind of car it was. As soon as he would start reading the report and got to “suspect drove off in a blue car”, he knew it was my report….Oh well.

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